Yonatan Zunger just finished a chilling, but very important, tweetstorm about what Nazis actually believe — and how they’ve been able to get away with expressing their views very openly in the US, because the US as a society decided to throw that information down the memory hole after 1945 and rehabilitate Nazis as ideology-free comic book villains.

Nazis are not ideology-free comic book villains. They are real, they want to kill people, and over the last several years they have been operating more and more in the open.

My own paraphrased summary of Zunger’s explanation:

  1. Nazis believe that the world is a struggle between “races”, meaning roughly “nations” (e.g. the Germans and the French are two different “races”, genetics be damned). “Races” are in a contest to conquer one another; “superior” races do this through sheer might, and “inferior” races do this by infiltrating and corrupting the “superior” races, by immigration, racial mixing, and spreading of “poisonous” ideas.

  2. “Superior” races are driven by their natural “Will”, meaning “instinct” or “gut feeling”, and those who express that “Will” most strongly are the ones who naturally rise to the top echelons of leadership. “Inferior” races (e.g. Jews) have a weak “Will” and rely instead on their intellect. By Nazi reckoning, the smarter you are — and the more logical your arguments are — the more it proves that you are of “inferior” stock, or else that you are a race traitor whose mind has been “poisoned” by an “inferior” race.

Does this sound familiar? It should if you’ve been paying attention.

If you see a person expressing these beliefs, they are a Nazi and they want to kill people. Do not underestimate them, do not dismiss them, do not ridicule them, do not write news articles about how dapper they dress, do not talk about how fresh-faced and handsome they are, and whatever you do, holy shit, do not platform them. They are avowed enemies of the foundations of human civilization. Report them. Fight them. Silence them. Disrupt them. This is not a drill. This is not a drill. All hands on deck.

I reiterate what I said before: we have now moved well beyond “It can happen here”, and we are now firmly into “It is happening here”.